Entering a Point-of-Care Test (POCT)

Entering a Point-of-Care Test (POCT)

What is a Point-of-Care Test (POCT) and what is it used for?

A POCT is a test that is performed outside of a laboratory at the point-of-care, with the donor, to screen for the presence of a specific substance. In the case of drug testing, a POCT device is used to perform an initial screening of urine and oral fluid specimens for the presence of drugs. On-site test devices can test single or multiple drugs simultaneously and are available in a number of different configurations.

Entering a Point-of-Care Test (POCT)

Step 1:

Select “Testing” then “Add new test” from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen.

Step 2:

Select the client from the drop-down for whom you are adding the test.

Step 3:

Select the donor from the drop-down for whom you are adding the test for. 

**You will not be able to select a donor until you have selected the client. If the donor has not been added you will be able to add them by selecting the “New Donor” button in the donor section of this page.

Step 4:

Select the collection site the test was performed at from the drop-down. 

**If the collection site has not already been added, you will be able to add a new one by selecting the “Add Collection Site” button in the collection site section of this page.

Step 5:

Select the date the test was performed. 

**When selecting the date, once you scroll over the date field you will be able to change months by clicking on the name of the current selected month.

Step 6:

Select the reason for the test from the drop-down list provided, if your reason is not provided please select “other”.

Step 7:

At the bottom of this screen you will see the list of active report types for your account. Select the type of test that was performed. (Ex: Drug Test, Alcohol Test, COVID-19 test)

Step 8:

Now you may select if there was sufficient volume (of urine), temperature was in range, and if the test was observed.

Step 9:

You have the option to upload a picture of the testing form and results if you choose to. You are also able to enter the test form Id number and any comments regarding this test.

Step 10:

Now in the Testing Device section enter the Lot Number and expiry date of the device used. You will be able to find this information on the outside packaging of the product.

Step 11:

Next select if the specimen is to be sent to the lab to be tested or not.

**If yes is selected a space will be provided for you to enter the specimen ID and the date it was sent to the lab.

Step 12:

Select the testing device used from the drop down in the results section.

Step 13:

Once you have selected the testing device the panel for that device will show and you will be able to fill in the results

Step 14:

Now you will be able to select the overall result from the drop down at the bottom of the page.

Step 15:

Next select “Submit” at the bottom of the page. This will open a window for you to review the entered information and confirm it is correct before proceeding.

Step 16:

Once you have confirmed everything is correct select the “Ok” button at the bottom of the page.

Now you have successfully entered your Point-of-Care test. You will be able to deliver the results from the “Tests to be Delivered” section of your dashboard or by selecting “Testing” and “View all Tests” from the drop down at the top of your screen. 

**Once a report has been delivered you will not be able to edit or delete it.