How to Update Pools - Add/Remove Existing Employers

How to Update Pools - Add/Remove Existing Employers

  1. Click the “Pools” drop-down from the top menu bar.

  1. Select the “View Pools” option, this will take you to a list of your pools. If you do not see the pool you are looking for you may need to change the year, on the left side of your screen under the title Pools you will see the option to change the year.

  2. Now select “View” next to the pool you want to add/remove members from.

  1. Click the “Update Name & Members” option on the top left side of the pool you have chosen.

  1. Now select “Add” or “Remove” on the far right side of the employer’s name.

  1. Now click “Confirm” and you have successfully updated your pool members!

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